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Sensor, humidity and temperature, 0-10 V, duct

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From the beginning of February 2018, the original Honeywell humidity / temperature duct sensor for DanX has been changed for a E + E Elektronik duct sensor. 

As the characteristics of the temperature sensor has been changed from an NTC (Honeywell) to a 0-10V (E+E) signal, not  only  the  sensor  has  to  be  changed,  but  also  the  software  of  the  controller.

Alternatively, if only the temperature or humidity sensor as failed, andyou do not have the possibility the change the software of the controller, you could also do the following:

Temperature  sensor  has  failed: You  can  buy  a  NTC  duct  temperature  sensor  (Dantherm  spare  part  no. 097356), disconnect the cables at terminal 6 and 7 and connect these to the new temperature sensor. In this case the old sensor acts as the humidity sensor and the new as temperature sensor.

Humidity sensor has failed: You can buy the new E+E duct sensor, disconnect the cables at terminal 1, 2 and 3 on the old Honeywell and connected these to the same terminals on the new sensor. In this case the old sensor actsas the temperature sensor and the new as humidity sensor.

Electrical connection:

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