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About Shop Dantherm

At this Dantherm webshop you can buy original spare parts for your Dantherm units.
When you buy your Dantherm spare parts here, you are guaranteed to keep the warranty on your Dantherm unit, and you can be sure to get spare parts that fit your product perfectly.
Below you will find a list of questions related to Dantherm spare parts and the use of the Dantherm webshop.

Why should I choose original Dantherm spare parts instead of other available spare parts on the market?

  • When you choose to buy your spare parts at Shop Dantherm, you can be certain to get a spare part that fits your individual Dantherm unit perfectly.
    We aim to make it as easy and fast as possible for you to find the exact spare part you need.
  • By using Dantherm spare parts when you perform repairs and maintance on your Dantherm unit, you are guaranteed to keep the warranty on your unit.
    If you choose to use unauthorised spare parts, you may risk damaging your unit and losing your warranty, since we cannot guarantee that they have the same high standard as the spare parts sold here at our Dantherm webshop.
  • By performing replacements on your Dantherm unit with original Dantherm spare parts, you help prolong the life and functionality of your Dantherm unit.

How do I find the right spare part for my Dantherm unit?

We continuously try to improve Shop Dantherm to make sure that you can get the spare part you need as easy and fast as possible, to make your shopping experience at the Dantherm webshop as pleasant and safe as we can! This means that we have made sure there are different ways for you to locate exactly the spare part you need.

The following describes different ways to find the right Dantherm spare part:

Dantherm product search
You can use our search engine and type in the name of your Dantherm unit (for example HCV 5, CDP 50, HCV 400, and so on) to find a list of spare parts related to your unit.
Simply click on the Dantherm spare part you need and add it to your basket.

Dantherm item number search
If you already know the item number of the spare part you need, you can simply type it into the search field. Once you have selected the right spare part, you are able to see which Dantherm units the spare part is compatible with to ensure you have the right match.

How do I create a user at Shop Dantherm?

To create a user at Shop Dantherm you just click the following link and fill in your information:
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