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How to purchase spare-parts


Shop Dantherm is open for business to business trade only!

Owners/users of any Dantherm Group product

If you are a private owner or user of a product from the Dantherm Group we kindly ask you to locate a dealer or service agent.

Dantherm product, please visit Dantherm brand site

Calorex, please visit Calorex brand site

Aerial, please visit Aerial brand site

Master, please visit Master brand site

Installers / service agents

To get the right guidance and support for your Dantherm Group product, we always recommend you to contact the local distributor/dealer.

Any professional can automatically create a user account on this Dantherm webshop and purchase without further delay.

Customers outside the EU will have the same options, but orders are to be approved manually by Dantherm.

After creating a user account and login, the installer/service agent trade price will be shown once you are logged in to Shop Dantherm. 

Create your Shop Dantherm account here


Dantherm distributors/dealers

All authorised Dantherm dealers and distributors are automatically created as users at Shop Dantherm, so you can easily start using the webshop.

To get started you will need to request a new password the first time you use the Dantherm webshop.

You will receive a new password within a few minutes and will be ready to purchase spare parts at Shop Dantherm.

Orders from Shop Dantherm are eligible to discount rates, stated in existing trade agreements. 

New customer at Shop Dantherm

New EU customers with a valid VAT registration number can create an account at Shop Dantherm and imstantly make purchases with one of our online payment methods.

New customers outside of EU doesn't require a VAT number to register when creating an account at Shop Dantherm, instead we will manually validate and handle your orders upon payment.


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